About Me

My name is Teresa, I was born June 18,1992 which makes me 21 years old. There is a lot to know about me but the most important things about me would have to be about my family, my interests, and what IIMG_20140429_0001 want to do when I graduate college.  I am the youngest girl of a family of four. I also have my own family which includes my energetic 5 year old daughter that is currently in pre-kindergarden and my husband of 5 years. My hobbies are spending time with my daughter and playing sports. My favorite sport is basketball. I played basketball throughout my high school years. When I graduate from college I really hope to find a career as a surgical technician. Once I have found my career I want to save up money for a down payment for my “dream house”. Then once my family and I are settled in our home I would like to re-enroll to college to get my degree in nursing. Although I have big dreams these are just a few things about my family, interests, and what I hope for once I graduate college.

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