Do professional athletes get paid too much money?

MVPProfessional athletes do not get paid too much money. The reason why I do not think they get paid too much is because athletes dedicate a majority of their life practicing and staying fit. Just as with a normal full eighty hour job, athletes spend that or more time practicing or at the gym. Also “sport lovers,” depend on their team to “speak” for their city which puts alot of pressure on the players.  We all know that our teams are nothing without their MVP’s, therefore it’s only fair that they get paid what they do. The better you are the more you get paid. For example with the Dallas Cowboys, when they lose everyone tends to blame Tony Romo, the quarterback.RMO Another example the Dallas Mavericks if Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t have a good game, it’s all on him. The good players are all we ever hear about whether it’s good or bad it’s all over the newspapers, internet, and news. If athletes didn’t get paid what they do, sports would not be as exciting to watch because no athlete would strive to do their best without a good outcome.

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