should teachers become “friends” or “followers” with their students on social networking sites?

Everyone knows most relationships start off as friends. Therefore no, teachers should not become “friends” or “followers” with students on social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Many people post or put various amount of their personal life on social networking sites. If students know things about a teacher it is possible that students could use the information seen online to “black mail” the social networkingteacher. Not only does it give too much of their personal information but networking sites also allows anyone and everyone to put any type of pictures online which could also cause wrongful thinking. There has been many incidents where teachers and students have had inappropriate relationships. If teachers were “friends” with students that could just leave an “open window” for inappropriate relationship to happen. It happened in my school, I’ve seen it happen at other schools . This is why I think teachers should leave their title as the “teacher” and not  become “friends” with students through social networking sites.


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