Would I Hire Someone With Unusual Body Piercings?

Adult male adjusting necktie.

     If I were the boss of a company I would still hire someone with unusual body piercings. Although I personally do not like unusual piercings, I still don’t feel that any company should refuse to hire someone because of it. There are different cultures where different piercings have different meanings. We can’t discriminate upon religion or beliefs, than why do it because of appearance? Piercings are removable, and even now there are clear earrings that you can put on so that its not as noticeable. There are always options with piercings, you can have them removed or put on earrings that are not as noticeable. Just because someone looks weird because of the different piercings they have does not mean that person can’t help the company succeed. Everyone deserves an opportunity, therefore, I would give someone with unusual piercings an opportunity at my job as long as they are willing to comply with the options I give them.

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