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why is earning a college degree important?

money collegeEarning a college degree is important because not only do you get to expand your knowledge but most jobs are more likely to hire people that are in college vs. someone who has no college experience. I have experienced it myself where I was denied a job because I did not have any college experience. In a article called “College Graduates have Weathered the Recession Well,” Beth Keller states that “there are more employed college graduates than there are employed high school graduates and high school dropouts together.” Of course, who wouldn’t chose to hire someone more educated? Since people with college degrees are the ones getting the jobs this mean they’re the ones getting the money too. Which Beth Keller also states in the article “College Graduates have Weathered the Recession Well” that with “Findings as recent as 2011 show that there is a $1 million difference in high school graduates earnings compared with those whose highest education is 00120065-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_00000065-075e-0000-0000-000000000000_20130610204525_College-Cap-Money-300-00189924a bachelors degree and those with a doctorates.” Although many may say that money can’t buy happiness, money can play a big role in how happy we can be. So if you want the good job that makes the good money, it’s best that you get a college degree.

Would I Hire Someone With Unusual Body Piercings?

Adult male adjusting necktie.

     If I were the boss of a company I would still hire someone with unusual body piercings. Although I personally do not like unusual piercings, I still don’t feel that any company should refuse to hire someone because of it. There are different cultures where different piercings have different meanings. We can’t discriminate upon religion or beliefs, than why do it because of appearance? Piercings are removable, and even now there are clear earrings that you can put on so that its not as noticeable. There are always options with piercings, you can have them removed or put on earrings that are not as noticeable. Just because someone looks weird because of the different piercings they have does not mean that person can’t help the company succeed. Everyone deserves an opportunity, therefore, I would give someone with unusual piercings an opportunity at my job as long as they are willing to comply with the options I give them.

Should students have to take a mandatory world religions class before graduation?

imagesWhen I was in high school it was against school policy to even speak about religion in school because of the different disagreements it could collaborate. Therefore no, it should not be mandatory for students to have to take a world religious class before graduating high school. If religions were discussed especially in high school there would be much more chaos then there already is. There are already numerous fights over gangs, where you’re from, and not to mention all the bulling occurring just because someone looks different. Students are grouped by the way they look or dress. Imagine if students were required to a take a world religions class, students would know each others religion causing more segregation. Why make it worse? This is why I strongly believe that a world religions class should not be a requirement for graduating high school.

2 Interesting things I want to do before I die



Before I die I want to go sky diving and go to Las Vegas. I’ve always been afraid of heights, but have been to embarrassed to admit it. I’ve always road the average roller coasters just so that I don’t get made fun of, but never have I gone sky diving or even bungy jumping. I would love to go sky diving because I would love to face one of my biggest fears. I would also like to go to Las Vegas before I die just to see how lucky I am. Also because I’ve heard from many people that it’s one of the most funnest places to visit. There are many things that I hope to accomplish before I die, but these are just two interesting things I would like to do before leaving the earth.


should colleges switch to using e-textbooks?

6Colleges should not switch to using e-textbooks. If colleges no longer used regular textbooks and started using e-textbooks that would mean students would have to access their books through a lap top, notebook, or any other computer device. I personally hate reading off of a computer screen, it tends to give me a headache. If the only way to access textbooks were through electronic devices it would been even harder for people without money. Students already have to pay for textbooks. By switching to using e-textbooks it just seems like it would be pricier. 8Not only would students have to purchase the book online but students that do not already have the devices would just have to purchase this as well. Many times money issues are the reason people don’t go to college, therefore, I do not think that switching to e-textbooks would be an advantage.

Should the U.S. legalize marijuana?

The United States should legalize marijuana because as much as it is imported, the state might as well get taxes from it. If marijuana is illegal in the United States today and there are still people that continue to 10abuse the substance knowing that there is a risk that they can get fined or taken to jail, what’s to think that just because it becomes legal people will stop using it. If marijuana was legalized not only would buyers have to pay taxes on the substance but also the importers. Some how regardless the substance is being sold and used in our state daily, why not get our part in taxes? I also think it should be legalized so that we can monitor the age of buyers. I have heard about 12, 13 and 14 year old children using marijuana. Maybe if it is legalized with an age limit, there would not be as many adolescents using it.

should teachers become “friends” or “followers” with their students on social networking sites?

Everyone knows most relationships start off as friends. Therefore no, teachers should not become “friends” or “followers” with students on social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Many people post or put various amount of their personal life on social networking sites. If students know things about a teacher it is possible that students could use the information seen online to “black mail” the social networkingteacher. Not only does it give too much of their personal information but networking sites also allows anyone and everyone to put any type of pictures online which could also cause wrongful thinking. There has been many incidents where teachers and students have had inappropriate relationships. If teachers were “friends” with students that could just leave an “open window” for inappropriate relationship to happen. It happened in my school, I’ve seen it happen at other schools . This is why I think teachers should leave their title as the “teacher” and not  become “friends” with students through social networking sites.


top 2 surprising deaths

I find it surprising that on “The Real Threat to Americans” graph smoking is the leading cause of death. Also that deaths from medical smokermistakes is even on the graph. I never would have thought that you couldn’t trust the person we pay to help cure us. I’ve seen many commercials of people having lung cancer or different cancers because of smoking. But, I always thought it took a seriously long time to die from it. Never would I have thought that it had the highest death rate, although I am not very surprised that it is on the chart. With all the different crimes and drunk driving accidents I never expected for neither deaths from medical mistakes or smoking related deaths to be on the top of the list.

straight or not, he’s still my player


If I were the owner of a football team and one of my players said he was gay, it would not matter to me. As the owner of a team it would be my responsibility to make sure my team succeeds. I would probably hold a meeting with the player and inform him that I think it would be best if he and I inform the team. There would have to be certain regulations that I would lay down, such as he is not to make another player feel uncomfortable. If the player agrees with my regulations I would then advise that a meeting be held along with the rest of the team. Regardless if the player is homosexual or heterosexual, that does not determine their athletic ability. It’s about what the player can do for the team. Therefore, I would not care if my player is gay.

Is human cloning, reproductive cloning, or therapeutic cloning ok?


After reading the essay on “How  Human Cloning Will Work” in the “Nexus” textbook I do not think human cloning is okay. Human cloning just seems crazy to me. Many things can go wrong while in the process of cloning. Although reproductive cloning may have a positive outcome for some, especially those who can not have kids, I still do not think it’s right. I have always believed “if it were meant to be, it would happen.” Therapeutic cloning seems like it can get crazy too, in my opinion.  “Bringing back a dead relative,” as I stated, if they are no longer her it is for a reason. I do not feel that there should be a need to bring science in to producing anything living.