top 2 surprising deaths

I find it surprising that on “The Real Threat to Americans” graph smoking is the leading cause of death. Also that deaths from medical smokermistakes is even on the graph. I never would have thought that you couldn’t trust the person we pay to help cure us. I’ve seen many commercials of people having lung cancer or different cancers because of smoking. But, I always thought it took a seriously long time to die from it. Never would I have thought that it had the highest death rate, although I am not very surprised that it is on the chart. With all the different crimes and drunk driving accidents I never expected for neither deaths from medical mistakes or smoking related deaths to be on the top of the list.

straight or not, he’s still my player


If I were the owner of a football team and one of my players said he was gay, it would not matter to me. As the owner of a team it would be my responsibility to make sure my team succeeds. I would probably hold a meeting with the player and inform him that I think it would be best if he and I inform the team. There would have to be certain regulations that I would lay down, such as he is not to make another player feel uncomfortable. If the player agrees with my regulations I would then advise that a meeting be held along with the rest of the team. Regardless if the player is homosexual or heterosexual, that does not determine their athletic ability. It’s about what the player can do for the team. Therefore, I would not care if my player is gay.

Is human cloning, reproductive cloning, or therapeutic cloning ok?


After reading the essay on “How  Human Cloning Will Work” in the “Nexus” textbook I do not think human cloning is okay. Human cloning just seems crazy to me. Many things can go wrong while in the process of cloning. Although reproductive cloning may have a positive outcome for some, especially those who can not have kids, I still do not think it’s right. I have always believed “if it were meant to be, it would happen.” Therapeutic cloning seems like it can get crazy too, in my opinion.  “Bringing back a dead relative,” as I stated, if they are no longer her it is for a reason. I do not feel that there should be a need to bring science in to producing anything living.


Middle school girl arrested for doodling on her desk



I think it was fairly dumb how the school responded to the 12 year old girl that doodled on her desk. If I were the principal of the middle school, I would have maybe had the student fined but not arrested. It would only be fair to fine her because she destroyed the schools property. Arresting the 12 year old student would be taking it out of hand. I understand that there are people who believe that if dodolesomething is not done now then students will get worse and begin to write on walls or more. But the student is only 12! When I was in high school the students were from the ages of 14 to 19 and there was vandalism everywhere. Not once did I see or hear of anyone being arrested. So if everyone that vandalizes is not being arrested neither should this 12 year old girl.

Do professional athletes get paid too much money?

MVPProfessional athletes do not get paid too much money. The reason why I do not think they get paid too much is because athletes dedicate a majority of their life practicing and staying fit. Just as with a normal full eighty hour job, athletes spend that or more time practicing or at the gym. Also “sport lovers,” depend on their team to “speak” for their city which puts alot of pressure on the players.  We all know that our teams are nothing without their MVP’s, therefore it’s only fair that they get paid what they do. The better you are the more you get paid. For example with the Dallas Cowboys, when they lose everyone tends to blame Tony Romo, the quarterback.RMO Another example the Dallas Mavericks if Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t have a good game, it’s all on him. The good players are all we ever hear about whether it’s good or bad it’s all over the newspapers, internet, and news. If athletes didn’t get paid what they do, sports would not be as exciting to watch because no athlete would strive to do their best without a good outcome.

About Me

My name is Teresa, I was born June 18,1992 which makes me 21 years old. There is a lot to know about me but the most important things about me would have to be about my family, my interests, and what IIMG_20140429_0001 want to do when I graduate college.  I am the youngest girl of a family of four. I also have my own family which includes my energetic 5 year old daughter that is currently in pre-kindergarden and my husband of 5 years. My hobbies are spending time with my daughter and playing sports. My favorite sport is basketball. I played basketball throughout my high school years. When I graduate from college I really hope to find a career as a surgical technician. Once I have found my career I want to save up money for a down payment for my “dream house”. Then once my family and I are settled in our home I would like to re-enroll to college to get my degree in nursing. Although I have big dreams these are just a few things about my family, interests, and what I hope for once I graduate college.

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